Dante Sullivan

Hello there. My name is Dante. I'm a dog. My father is an Australian Shepherd in Allentown, PA; he's a deadbeat dad who never comes around to see me. Kalie is my mother. She was living with me for a while, but she and my (adoptive) uncle Abu moved away. Abu's a very fast dog (physically, at least; he's not too swift otherwise), and he's even better at frisbee than I am.

I live in Pittsburgh in a nice house with a friend of mine, Kira. I keep a human, Kevin, around for housework. He's a nice enough guy, but kind of lazy; I have to nag him when I want something done (like opening the door for me, bringing me my dinner, etc.). He's also not nearly as cute as I am.

Please send me mail at dante@sullivan.pgh.pa.us. Unless you're a cat.

Pictures of me and friends

In the Woods

When I Was Very Young

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This page was made by Dante. Blame any mistakes on my human. Woof!