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I'm a big fan of Advanced Civilization by (the now defunct) Avalon Hill. It's a boardgame where each participant plays a primitive tribe around the Mediterranean. Each tribe attempts to build a stable civilization while struggling against natural disasters (floods, epidemics), social crises (civil war, superstition), and each other.

Civilization Chronicles

For the most part Civilization does not require math skills. If you can count to 55 then you can move population, defend your territory, and trade commodities. Unfortunately, when you trade in commodity cards and buy civilization advances you sometimes need a calculator and a list of civilization card discounts. I've written a web-based program which will help players with these details while not bogging down the game.

I wrote this with the idea of having several laptops sitting around the playing area. When it comes time to buy civilization cards, a player can grab a laptop and browse the list of available cards. The program will total their commodity cards and display the discounts for each civilization card along with a brief description. They can also see what cards others have along with the running scores. All laptops will access the same web server (and database) so each player can use any laptop.

Chronicles will also keep track of census and city counts. This is an optional part of the program; it does slow down the game a bit, but I think it's interesting to be able to check out the course of the game at the end.

The program can run on a web server on one of the laptops or on some other machine. Of course, the laptops have to be connected to the server via a network; I run the server on my Unix laptop and put WaveLAN wireless network cards in each machine.

Chronicles is written in Perl and uses the Text::Template module.

Next game

The next Civilization game will be at my house on Saturday 23 September from 3pm until 8pm, and on Sunday 24 September from noon until 6pm. Following are the confirmed players; please let me know if you can't make it!

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