How to get to KlubKev-on-Seavey

215 Seavey Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15223
Cell: 412-805-1111

If you use an online mapping service: Seavey goes through several townships and so there are several "200" blocks. Some mapping services (like MapQuest) place "215 Seavey, 15223" at the Millvale end of Seavey near Evergreen Road; this is not Klub Kev. You want the 215 Seavey near Mt. Vernon Dr.

From Pittsburgh Highland Park Bridge Route 8 McKnight *  

From Pittsburgh

  1. Take 28N.
  2. Exit at the Millvale exit.
  3. Follow signs to Evergreen Road. You will bear right at the end of the offramp then turn left onto Evergreen.
  4. After about 1/2 mile, turn right onto Seavey Road. Seavey is across from a BP station.
  5. Follow Seavey for 1/2 mile. You'll pass Old Soose Road on the left. Take the next left onto Soose Road (no "old").
  6. Take the next right, back onto Seavey Road.
  7. Take the next left at the yield sign to stay on Seavey Road.
  8. Follow Seavey for a quarter mile. Shortly after you pass Seavey Highlands Drive, 215 Seavey will be on your right; look for a white mailbox with a dinosaur. If you get to Mt. Vernon Drive you've gone too far.
  9. The driveway has a "stop" sign at the road; the house is not visible from the road. Just drive on up.